Clinical Services

Dr. Arnett is a practicing clinical psychologist with Comprehensive Psychological Services in Salt Lake City, UT. Telehealth and in-person evaluation services are available to patients located in Utah. Telehealth services are available to patients located in Washington. Dr. Arnett specializes in diagnosis and treatment planning for ADHD, disruptive behavior disorders, autism spectrum disorder, learning disorders, intellectual disability, and mood disorders.

Please email Dr. Arnett at to inquire.

Diagnostic Evaluation

If you are concerned about your child’s attention, self-regulation, aggressive or disruptive behaviors, social challenges, academic difficulties, and/or symptoms of anxiety and depression, a diagnostic evaluation may be appropriate. The goal of a diagnostic evaluation is to determine whether your child’s behaviors and symptoms are age appropriate or not, and to provide caregivers with information about how to support your child’s growth in areas where they struggle. A diagnostic evaluation includes interviews with caregivers and the child, as well as with teachers, counselors and/or other adults. You, your child and other adults may be asked to complete questionnaires about your child’s symptoms. If there is concern for a cognitive or learning disorder, your child may participate in some testing with Dr. Arnett. Testing may involve paper and pencil tasks, memory games, answering questions, reading and/or mathematics. All diagnostic evaluations will also include a feedback session with caregivers and the child, and a comprehensive written report detailing results and recommendations.

Cognitive and Academic Testing

If your primary concern is your child’s academic functioning and your child has not previously been diagnosed with a learning disorder, Dr. Arnett will conduct cognitive and academic testing in the context of a diagnostic evaluation (see above). If your child has a previously diagnosed learning disorder, it can be helpful to periodically re-evaluate your child’s academic performance to track their growth and gauge the impact of interventions. In this case, Dr. Arnett can provide updated cognitive and academic testing targeting areas of difficulty for your child. Finally, some children require this type of testing to qualify for particular educational programs. Dr. Arnett will discuss the requirements of your child’s program with you to determine whether this testing can be done via telehealth. All cognitive and academic testing results will be provided to caregivers via a feedback session and in the form of a detailed written report.


Dr. Arnett is available to provide brief consultation with respect to treatment planning, second opinions on diagnosis, appropriateness of individual education plans (IEP) and 504 Plans. If you are seeking consultation for another service, please email Dr. Arnett directly to inquire.