Current Studies


This study is funded by a Klingenstein Third Generation Foundation (KTGF) fellowship awarded to Dr. Arnett. The study involves repeat EEG testing of 60 children who successfully completed the ACTIVE Study (see below). The research goal is to evaluate stability of neurophysiological biomarkers in children with ADHD. We anticipate enrollment beginning September 2020, but please check back for updates as we follow COVID-19 related human subjects research guidelines.


The READY Study is run by Tara Rutter, M.S. and constitutes her doctoral dissertation in psychology at Seattle Pacific University. READY is an extension of the ACTIVE study and will examine EEG correlates of stimulant medication response. Previous ACTIVE study participants who have ever taken methylphenidate are eligible for this study. The goal of this study is to examine potential biomarkers of methylphenidate response among children. The investigation involves a short online questionnaire about your child’s medication history and also includes a short parent phone interview. 

ACTIVE Study (ADHD and Cognition: Tackling Individual Variability with EEG) – COMPLETE.

This study was supported by a NIMH K99 research grant awarded to Dr. Arnett. The goal of the research is to identify subtypes of ADHD that are defined by common patterns of activity in the brain. The study involves electroencephalography (EEG), which is a non-invasive way of measuring electrical activity in the brain. Children with ADHD show atypical EEG responses to visual and auditory information, as well as atypical EEG patterns when completing a task that requires attention.

TIGER Study with the RABLab

Dr. Arnett collaborates with the UW RABLab in their investigation of genetic syndromes and subtypes associated with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and intellectual disability. Dr. Arnett is particularly interested in ADNP Syndrome. Please visit the RABLab website for information about participating.