Anne B. Arnett, Ph.D. is a clinical child psychologist who completed her graduate training at the University of Denver and post-doctoral training at the University of Washington. Dr. Arnett conducts research on cognitive, neurophysiological, and genetic factors associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). When she is not working, Dr. Arnett enjoys skiing, biking and camping with her family.
Candace Rhoads, M.A. is a doctoral student in the School Psychology program at the University of Washington. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Arizona and a Master of Arts in Developmental Psychology from San Francisco State University. Candace's research interests and training focus on cognitive and behavioral assessment with children. In her free time, Candace likes to read, go kayaking, and spend time with her loved ones and two dogs.
Tara Rutter, M.S. is a third-year doctoral student in Clinical Psychology at Seattle Pacific University. Her research interests include emotion regulation across modalities, stress-related gene expression and behavior, and the socioemotional development of children with neurodevelopmental disorders. She is particularly interested in how stressors effect the physical and mental health of neurodiverse children and adolescents. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, going to local concerts, and writing poetry.
Ruqian (Daisy) Ma, M.A. is a doctoral student in the School Psychology program at the University of Washington. She graduated from Boston College with a MA in Developmental Psychology and a MSW in Social Work. Daisy has a particular interest in using neuroimaging and behavioral methods to investigate early brain development and functioning. She is also passionate about adapting culturally competent interventions and treatment methods into other communities. Outside the lab, Daisy likes to play with her dog and cat, travel, and attend concerts.
Natalie Maharaj is currently a fourth year undergraduate at the University of Washington working towards a BS in Psychology. After graduation, she plans on attending medical school to work in the field of Pediatrics and Behavioral Sciences. Outside of the classroom and lab, Natalie enjoys playing basketball, going on hikes, taking photos, and spending time with her family and friends.
Sophie Ziliak is a third year undergraduate in the Psychology Departmental Honors Program at the University of Washington. Her post graduate plans include attending graduate school to work towards a PhD in Clinical Psychology. Outside of research and classes, Sophie likes to race triathlons, volunteer with children, and bake way too many muffins and cookies.